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Available Positions

Position: Biomedical Engineer / Technician


  • To ensure maintenance, calibration and repair with a minimum effect on the service and ensure the necessary information
  • To perform the periodic maintenance and calibration according to the work plan and the related standards and fill in the documents.
  • To perform the maintenance and modifications as fast as possible after the failure record according to the work plan.
  • To request material, service or spare parts necessary for the maintenance and repair from the Logistics Management, to inform the department about the duration of the operations and to deliver material to the responsibles with related records.
  • To provide support to the responsible of maintenance for the services required from outside by agreement.
  • To provide support to the responsible of maintenance for the services required from outside, to support for the completion of the works without any trouble, to follow and report to the department manager the performance, the failure, the maintenance and projects.
  • To develop solutions and inform the department manager about the potential problems that may appear in biomedical devices, machines, equipment, spare parts and quality.
  • To follow the innovations about the working of biomedical devices, the economic and efficient use of the devices, to propose recommendations for the development of quality and to inform the department manager.
  • To transmit/ensure the transmission of the standards of utilization of the device and the system within the scope of biomedical services.
  • To complete any reporting that has been requested from him/her on time.
  • Employee should attend and follow all necessary JCI standards and trainings.
  • The weekly holiday /off days of employee is 1 and half day in a week.
  • Employee should arrive early enough in order to start working according to the shifts.
  • Employee acknowledges all the procedures, policies of FMC by signing the Job Description.


Education Status

To be graduated from electronic, biomedical departments of vocationary high school; to be preferentially graduated from 2 or 4 years biomedical, electronic, technician or engineering departments.


Experience of 1-2 years in a similar health institution, hospital or biomedical company.


  • To have knowledge about biomedical device calibration, maintenance-repair, services.
  • To have knowledge about MS Office programs.


  • To have analytic thinking and problem solving capacity.
  • To be inclined for team work.


Associated to the Biomedical Services Supervisor.

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