Pneumatic Tube System

Area: Pharmacy Pneumatic tube systems are basic inventory in hospitals with more than 200 beds. Because they are the best solution when long distances need to be covered and when seconds count, for example during surgery, when a blood product or a sample result is needed urgently. Whether blood-, tissue, urine samples or medication –

Unit Dose Packaging

Area: Pharmacy Bar coded, bedside medication verification will improve patient safety in today’s health systems, and in recent years, technology vendors have released many products to help health care providers find a means to that end. Patient Safety: The Ultimate Goal Patient safety is very important to our facility. When a hospital implements bar coded

Medication Dispensing System

Area: Pharmacy Pyxis MedStation ES® system from CareFusion is a leading automated dispensing system supporting decentralized medication management. Barcode scanning to help ensure accurate medication dispensing, features to prevent loading of the wrong medication and active alerts to provide an added safety precaution for high risk medications are just a few of the ways the Pyxis