We want to provide care that is high quality and safe, delivered within a safe and clean environment that uses the latest technology.

To book an appointment by phone please call 0770 900 0000

What if I need to change my appointment?

If you can’t keep an appointment, please phone the related department as soon as possible.

What information will I need to provide?

  • Please remember to bring your identity card with you.
  • Information about your allergies and intolerances; when you first come to the hospital you will need to tell your doctor, nurse, pharmacist or pharmacy technician if you have any allergies.

What happens when I arrive for the first time?

When you arrive for your first visit to the hospital you will need to register. Please come to the admission desk half an hour before your appointment time.

What happens during my appointment or stay?

The nature of your appointment or consultation will depend on whether you are coming to the hospital as an outpatient or a day care patient, or staying as an inpatient.

  • Tests and investigations
    Tests and investigations help us accurately diagnose and plan treatment for our patients.
  • Outpatient appointments
    Outpatients are individuals who do not need prolonged day care or an overnight stay in hospital. Most outpatient appointments are fairly short because the procedures involved are relatively simple and quick.
  • Day care appointments
    Day care is for patients who need more prolonged treatment or investigations than outpatients, but who do not need to stay in the hospital overnight.
  • Inpatient admissions
    Inpatients are individuals whose treatment requires overnight stays in hospital. You might be admitted to hospital for planned treatment or, if you have become unwell at home, you might need to be admitted to hospital as an emergency.

How do I find my way around?

Signage are in key areas around the hospitals, also patient services employees are going to help you find your way around.

How will my treatment be planned?

Your treatment will be planned by a multidisciplinary team that includes members from different areas of expertise.

What do I need to know about the hospital environment?

  • Conduct and behavior
    FMC prides itself in being socially and culturally inclusive and sensitive to the needs of the patients and their caretakers. Our staff provide care in an atmosphere of respect, non-judgment and empowerment. We welcome your support in helping us to provide effective services in a safe and supportive environment that is free of prejudice, harassment and violence, meeting the needs of all who pass through our doors.
  • Smoking
    we are a smoke-free hospital. Smoking is not allowed on our premises, in our vehicles, at entrances or anywhere else in our grounds.
  • Identifying patients 
    To make sure we’re providing you with treatment and care in a way that’s right for you, it’s important that we know who you are during your stay in hospital.
  • Identifying staff 
    you will meet many different staff while you are at the hospital. So you can be sure of who they are, all our staff wear identity badges with their name and photograph. If you are not sure of the name of the person you need to speak to, please ask.

What facilities are available?

  • For visitors with disabilities
    our hospitals are accessible to patients and visitors with disabilities.
  • Food and drink 
    There is a cafe available for patients and relatives.
  • Meals for patients staying in hospital 
    We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for patients and their companions.
  • Internet
    We provide free internet service to our patients who are staying at the wards.
  • Cash Machine
    There is a cash machine in front of the admission desk of the main hospital entrance.
  • Exchange Office
    There is an exchange office available opposite to the Cafeteria.

How do you prevent infection at the hospital?

We are committed to providing a safe, clean environment that protects patients, visitors and healthcare workers from infection. This issue is especially important for us, as patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer may be more susceptible to developing an infection.

We have a dedicated team responsible for all aspects of infection prevention.

What should I bring to hospital?

If you’re staying for any length of time at the hospital, either for day care or as an inpatient, there are certain things you need to bring with you and other things you might want to consider bringing.

  • Medicines
    If you are being admitted for a stay as an inpatient, please bring your own medicines from home. If you are coming for an outpatient or day care appointment, please bring a list of your current medicines, such as your repeat prescription list or medication reminder charts.
  • Toiletries and nightclothes
    If you are staying overnight as an inpatient, you should bring your personal toiletries, shaving kit or electric razor, nightclothes, dressing gown and well fitting, enclosed slippers in a small bag.

Please don’t bring the following:

  • Money and valuables
    Please don’t bring very expensive items or large amounts of money with you when coming to the hospital
  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Televisions, portable radios or sound systems – any electrical equipment you bring into hospital (for example, a hairdryer) must be checked for safety reasons by our electricians.

Can I bring someone with me?

You are welcome to bring a friend or a family member with you to the hospital. Many of our patients find it reassuring to bring a companion, especially if it is their first visit to the hospital.

What do I need to know about medicines?

If you are staying in hospital as an inpatient please bring any medicines you are currently taking with you when you come to the hospital. If your own medicines are suitable and your hospital doctor wants you to continue taking them, they will be used for your treatment while you are in hospital.

How do I keep in touch with friends and family?

We know how important it can be to see your friends and family regularly when you’re staying in hospital. Although we do have set visiting times and other periods where visiting is kept to a minimum, we try to keep it as flexible as possible.

What happens after my hospital stay?

Before leaving the hospital, there are some things you will need to do.

  • Make sure that arrangements have been made for your return home, such as travel plans or a relative or friend to stay with you if necessary.
  • Make sure you have any drugs or medicines which you need to take at home, and check that you understand the instructions on the container.

Can I have Internet service at FMC?

Yes. We provide free internet service to our patients who are staying in the wards.

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