Neurosurgery is a branch of surgery concerned in treating diseases and disorders of brain, vertebral column and spinal cord. Neurosurgeries is the most complex and exceptionally demanding procedures that requires the most sophisticated instruments and flawless finesse.

Neurosurgery revolves around a wide spectrum of diseases from brain and spine conditions such as tumors, hemorrhage, trauma and degenerative processes. These conditions need not only excellent skills but an accurate, immaculate diagnosis, a highly integrated and capable surgical team with optimum postoperative care. We are proud to consider FMC as the only hospital in this region that provides these superb and highest standard quality of such services.

Neurosurgical services provided:

  • Neuro-oncology (Brain tumors)
  • Neuro-vascular (Aneurysms and Intracranial hemorrhage)
  • Neuro-trauma
  • Microvascular decompression for the 5th and 7th cranial nerves
  • Pediatric neurosurgery
  • Neuronavigation (frameless stereotaxy)
  • Endoscopic assisted surgeries (endoscopic third ventriculostomy)
  • Pituitary adenoma (endoscopic with ENT team)
  • Awake craniotomy and intraoperative monitoring
  • Minimal invasive microscopic lumbar spine surgeries for stenosis and disc prolpapse
  • Cervical spine surgeries (anterior cervical discectomy)
  • Spine instrumentation for trauma and degenerative processes
  • Spine tumors